Membership Software for New Zealand Organisations

Member Express (MX) is a light-weight, highly flexible, simple to use membership management system designed specifically for NZ membership organisations. MX combines a top-rate CRM with two best-of breed systems (Xero, Mailchimp) providing the services you need to successfully run your membership organisation.
  Information at your fingertips. 
Your members' records are available on-line, 24x7. Your Board reports are clear and concise.
  Experience Matters. 
Built by a team with over 30 years experience working with Australia and New Zealand membership organisations.
  Local support. 
No call centres. No waiting. Phone us directly (0800 476 932).
  Value for Money. 
Configuration not customisation means MX delivers out-of-the-box what other systems have to build.
  Non-profit Organisations   Unions   Professional Associations   Sports and Social Clubs   Community Groups
Our Technologies

Member Express fuses three systems into one

  • Member Express to manage your Member records
  • Xero to manage your Member financials
  • Mailchimp to manage your Member communications
Integrated Member Management, Member Engagement and Member Financials.

Corporate Members

Company members? No problem for MX. Both company details and individual contact details are recorded, including Key contacts and who to bill for membership fees.
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Individual Members

Sports clubs, social clubs, retailers and marketers hold their members' (and customers') details in MX. Automatic billing, flow-through accounts and integrated communications as well as a highly functional CRM make MX a compelling model.
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Integrated Financials

Keep your accounts up to date, always, with single-button syncing between XERO and MX. Two best-of-breed systems working together. You get to enjoy the convenience of fast reconciliation with no data entry and your Members get to view their financial histories in their secure portal.
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Prospects, Full, Life and Branch Members - MX supports the membership journey with multiple membership types and even overlapping invoicing.
It's easy to generate new and renewal invoices in Member Express and export to Xero for distribution to your members. Payments receipted in Xero flow into MX, removing the need to update two sets of accounts.
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Admin Dashboards

At a glance, the admin dashboards provide you with key metrics of your organisation: How Many and How Much.
And with year-on-year, month-on-month comparisons you can see trends ahead of time and plan accordingly.
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Levy Management ('BELIS')

The BELIS module supports the NZ agricultural sector in the collection and disbursement of industry levies. Used in conjunction with our Geospatial Mapping extension, this becomes a powerful tool providing oversight of Growers, produce and sales across the various produce sectors in Aotearoa.
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Secure Member Portal

Simple, easy and highly secure. The Member Portal allows members to manage their details and access member-only resources and documents. Designed for people who may not be that confident working on-line.
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Member-only Resources

Need to share information with your members? MX's secure Member Portal provides access to confidential member resources (documents and files). With MX you can send, receive or selectively share information with your members and with public.
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On-line Shop

With an integrated shop, member discounts can be automatically applied at checkout (non-members pay full price). Invoicing or immediate payment? Your choice.
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Your membership information is fully secure with Member Express. All details are encrypted and accessed by 2-factor authentication. This option provides another layer of security and peace of mind for you and your members.
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Emails & SMS Communications

Communications are a major necessity for membership organisations. Send bulk emails and texts directly from Member Express, or use the integrated Mailchimp services
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Event Management

With Member Express you can create online event registrations and offer member and non-member fees. The on-line event calendar and easy registration process caters for both simple events and extended multi-day conferences.
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Website Builder

Member Express also has a Website feature that can be used as an organisation's main website, with all the standard website features you require.
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Member Express comes with a handful of comprehensive financial & member statistic reports built in, with no limit on how many can be configured.
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Member Express is a SaaS application.
You can access your member details anywhere, anytime on any browser and any device - desktop, laptop, tablet or phone.
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